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XZ IOTA-DXpedition

”We herewith have to inform the IOTA community that our Myanmar/ XZ IOTA-DXpedition
to some new IOTAs has to be delayed.

There were elections in Myanmar in November 2015 and we had to resubmit all our
documentation.The new administration has now been selected but they need time
to have new rules established.

All domestic logistics are in place through our local Myanmar contact.He is also
in weekly contact with 3 different ministerial departments and has indicated to us
that the first weeks of February 2017 seems to be a good time slot for our DXpedition.

We cannot push harder.We must be patient.But we have every hope  of activating
new Myanmar IOTAs.Therefore our intention is to plan the DXpedition  for
February 2017 subject to the Myanmar authorities finally giving us permission.

We will give additional information as it comes.

Sorry for this delay which is outside our control.

Kind Regards

Derek / G3KHZ , Hans / SM6CVX ,Nils / SM6CAS, Ulrika / SM7WYN,
Eddy / K5WQG and Steve / G4EDG”

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